October 2009 Gondwana Link Walk Ravensthorpe to Hopetoun

After Ravensthorpe Walk:


 Back from the walk

Seeing country

Being with my tribe

Heart full of love

and admiration

for what we are


mark parre  9.10.9


Gerard Photos Raventhorpe to Hopetoun


Gondwana Link Walk

Ravensthorpe to Coast
Tuesday 29th September to Thursday 8th
October 2009

ay 5 Saturday 3rd October - A Walk around
the campsite and down to the Jerdacuttup Lakes
through scenic heathland.
Day 6 Sunday 4th October
Walkers are bussed to Dunns Swamp for a 7km
walk into Hopetoun and then along the coast for
about 8km opposite Culham’s Inlet, part o fthe
way towards the Fitzgerald National Park .
Walkers transported back to the Springdale
campsite. potentially very good whale spotting !
Camp back at the Jerdacuttup River site
Day 1 Tuesday 29 Sept 2009– Bus leaves Freoperhaps
around 550km to Ravensthorpe. First
camp in open woodland just outside
Ravensthorpe (off Carlingup Road, starts 5.5km
west of Ravensthorpe Visitor Centre on the
Esperance Road. Turn let up Carlingup Road,
follow for 1.8 km then turn left following a bush
road. A clearing for car parking is 250m down
this track.
Day 7 Monday 5th October Break camp and
shift camp to the Hammersley Inlet camp site
(Shire reserve in the heart of the National Park).
Walkers have the chance to walk the 23km or so
into camp along the coastal beaches and road and
beaches (pickups possible). (if wet, alternate
campsite near Culham Inlet will be used)
Day 3 Thursday 1st October - Walk from
Carlingup Road Campsite for 2km, to cross the
Esperance Road, and then 8 km along the Rail
Trail, turning off left to climb Mt Desmond
(Pickup). Then a further 11 km to finish the
walk a Kundip, all par of the of the Ravensthorpe
to Hopetoun Heritage Rail Trail.
Day 8 Tuesday 6th October – Walks in the
National Park.
Day 9 Wed 7th October – Walks around the
Inlet and nearby National Pa
Day 4 Friday 2nd October – Camp moves to
Mary Richardson’s Springdale property on the
banks of the Jerdacuttup River, about 14km or so
outside of Hopetoun. Walkers are bused to
Kundip on Hopetoun Road for a 13km walk to
Lee Creek, on the Rail Trail. From there bussed
into camp.
Day 10 Thursday 8th October 2009– Break
camp and head home
Clean up, Farewell Circle. Return home.


Ravensthorpe to Coast    John V

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